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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: 1993.4.3.6
Title: Hannah Levy
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Reference: 1993.4.3.7
Title: Lewis Levy
Description: Lewis Levy (1847-1913) - Lewis Levy (1847-1913) was the eldest son of Lawrence Levy (1823-1907) and Amelia (nee Cohen). He lived from the age of 3 in his his grandmothers house - Cohen family - where he befriended his uncle and future father-in-law George Cohen, who ran a successful scrap iron and ship breaking business. Lewis went to work for George Cohen, he married the second of Cohen's daughters Hannah, and they had 12 children. By 1881 the Cohen and Levy families lived in adjacent houses in Bow Road, moving on in 1896 to the Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage. Lewis Levy was very active in Jewish community and charitable affairs in East End of London second half 19th and early 20th centuries.
Date(s): 1900
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Settling (experiences of living in England)
Format: Image
Access: Original available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
Creator: Unknown ; Levy, Percy
Rights: out of copyright - Jewish Museum, London
Physical Description: sepia-toned photograph mounted on buff-coloured loose album page with 1993.4.3.7 (height: 92 mm) (width: 140 mm) (height: 277 mm) (width: 328 mm)
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