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Partner: The National Archives (PRO)
Reference: FO 84/1310
Description: This photograph is dated 1 November 1868, one of the earliest and most important photographs in the Moving Here Catalogue, and reveals a very little of the terrible suffering caused to millions of people by the slave trade. This group of severely emaciated boys and young men from East Africa are pictured on the lower deck of the Royal Naval ship HMS Daphne. They were taken on board from a dhow. The captain of the Royal Naval ship had instructions not to return the rescued slaves to the place on the coast where they had been put on the slave ship (presumably because they were in danger of being recaptured by traders) but it is not clear from the available documentation what happened to them afterwards.
Date(s): January 1869 to June 1869
Community: Caribbean Community
Theme: Journeys (the experience of migrating)
Format: Image
Access: Available for consultation at the National Archives
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