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Most records and books relating to the Caribbean can be used by genealogists - anything that contains names, dates and local information. Even if they do not contain biographical information such as date of birth, marriage or death or family relationships they provide evidence that someone was alive at a specific date in a specific location.

One good book to start with is Tracing Your West Indian Ancestors (2nd edition) by Guy Grannum (The National Archives, 2002).

In addition, why not visit *www.everygeneration.co.uk/familytree/genealogy which will give you more ideas on tracing your West Indian ancestors.

Popular sources used by genealogists include newspapers, almanacs, handbooks, trade directories, electoral registers, tax lists, telephone directories, court records, who's who of... (biographical dictionaries), and school records. Most of these should be found in the relevant national archive or library, however, published material may also be found in other national, university and specialist libraries. Some original material created by Caribbean governments may have been forwarded or copied to the Colonial Office (and predecessors and successors) and may have been transferred to The National Archives.

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